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Topic #43- Emergency/Crisis

I’ve not been here in awhile, not since 2004. I thought I’d come back and see what’s been going on. And it looks like no much has been happening here of late… So, here’s an attempt to get started again. It’s two months late, but it’s been written over the course of three days. As always, please be brutal.

Two people go exploring. Bad things happen. Rocks all look the same in the dark.

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Reminder - Topic #43 Due Tomorrow!!!

I am sure you don't need a reminder about Friday's deadline for submissions on this week's prompt (which was actually two weeks long).


I am sure you were like me and it was on your to-do list all week and you couldn't possibly forget. As matter of fact you are probably also like me and wondering if you can pull something together by tomorrow night.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyone planning on submitting something?


The deadline for submitting on Topic #43 is due this Friday next Friday - March 28th.

For details see previous post.

EDIT: Ooops, bad maintainer I just noticed I said the 28th of March in the previous post and on the main page. Never mind. We are apparently having a two week writing period for this first new prompt. Whew, I guess I can procrastinate for another day.

Get back to writing!

Topic #43: Emergency/Crisis

Okay, let's see if we can get this baby off the ground. I've given everyone a deadline of next Friday. Traditionally we posted a new prompt every Friday. I know today is Thursday, but I am sure we can all use the lead time!

Topic #43: Emergency/Crisis

The Challenge: Write a scene/story where a character is forced to deal with an emergency/crisis.

Some Suggestions (In case you're really stumped) - Natural Disaster, Medical Emergency, or Vehcile Accident.

  • Protagonist must be a "victim" of the event, not the cause.
  • A second character must be present, but have no dialogue
  • Story must be limited to area where event first occurs.
  • No word count limit
  • People: 2 or more

Deadline: Friday March 28th, 2008

Edit: Clarified the number of people

I don't normally post the rules with the prompts, but since its been so long since we did this I thought it might be relevant.

The Rules Cut for LengthCollapse )

Is there an echo in here?


Anyone home. The community has been dormant for about two years now, anyone interested in reviving this in one form or another?
Topic #42: The Job Interview

The Challenge: Write a short story or scene involving someone being interviewed for a job.

Restrictions: You can't mention the job title or type of job explicitly in the story. It has to be inferred from the questions and answers given during the interview.

Deadline: OCTOBER 31st

Whoa! This isn't due until October 31st?!? Holy crap, but I'm early! They're going to take away my "Procrastinator of the Year" award for this!

...well. They probably won't take it away anytime in the near future. But they'll get around to it. Eventually.

So. The submission you've all been waiting for! I'm so sure. Riiiight.

Anyway, I'll be upfront about it-- this wasn't worth the wait. Trust me.Collapse )

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There's a a live journal community for Urbis users here - urbis_writers , so join Urbis and join the community.

If you want to take a closer look at how the site works, check out my Urbis portfolio.

Topic #42 - The Job Interview

Topic #42: The Job Interview

The Challenge: Write a short story or scene involving someone being interviewed for a job.

Restrictions: You can't mention the job title or type of job explicitly in the story. It has to be inferred from the questions and answers given during the interview.

Deadline: OCTOBER 31st

It's almost Friday, well I guess it's already Friday morning in Australia and parts of Asia. It's been nearly three five frickin' months since we had a proper challenge and I miss falkenberg's gripping tales, so here we are to have another kick at the community.

So play nice and write! It may be your last chance to write before November if you're thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year.
I've been giving it some thought since my last missive a couple weeks ago. I think the group might benefit if we refocus the scope of the group from a weekly writing prompt to a monthly prompt. I know that's contrary to what pinkdove80 and razornails set up the group to be, but considering the lack of activity I think we should consider it as an option.

If we are in agreement, then I think the next phase should be to promote the group through word of mouth and some other avenues that we can discuss later. (Anyone wanna make a banner to help promote the group?)

Anyhow, on to the poll...

Poll #554975 Write On This

Would you be in favour of a monthly challenge instead of a weekly prompt?


How likely would you be to participate if it was a monthly prompt?

Somewhat Likely
Depends on other committments
Somewhat Unlikely
Hell no, I've got no time!

Would you like to see more general discussion about writing in this community?


Would you be willing to help promote the community?

Depends, what did you have in mind?

Also feel free to leave feedback on what you would like to see in terms of promoting more participation. Suggestions such as tracking how many people critique pieces, or submit pieces, voting on the best piece that month, etc?
Yeah, well, it's been deathly quiet in here this summer. No thanks in part ot yours truly being a lousy maintainer. Problem is its hard coming up with prompts on your own and especially discouraging when no one is interested in playing along.

So, should we do a roll call?

Or maybe a poll whether to adbandon the community all together and turn it back over to the creators?

So how's your summer been?